While Ticketmaster has been around for sometime, one of their biggest design challenges is transitioning clients from their legacy products to their new, enhanced products with new features and easier editing capabilities. I worked with the product team to help create some of these new products but also created designs and flows to inform and transition clients to the new platform.
Multi-factor authentication
Users were not able to update their information in one spot. They had to update certain details on their account page for their team, and then other details such as phone number, on their account. As capabilities and API’s became more robust, users could now update all their information in one location, including a less cumbersome experience for multi-factor authentication. While needing to keep all editing capabilities within one modal, I designed the layout and flows that could keep a user in one place while editing and saving information.
A new way of accessing information
Along with combining accounts into one login at, personal team sites now have the ability to display more information than they could before. Account activity could be pulled in and filtered to refine results. Users wanted this ability to be able to control and view where their credits are going and be able to use that credit for upcoming events. Starting from scratch, I created multiple breakpoint views for how this could look given the information we knew we could display.
Demonstrating efficiency
Ticketmaster is in the process of combining multiple accounts unknowingly created by a single user, into one account portal so they can manage their details in one place. I needed to design an experience that encouraged and educated users on the efficiency and benefits of doing this. After iterating on many ideas and flows, I leaned heavily on graphics and simple animations to achieve a flow that could speak for itself while also conveying the security Ticketmaster has to offer.
Multi-step update micro animations
Users now have the ability to update their password on their team sites, rather than directing them to A simple multi-step approach was created to inform a user of requirements without presenting them with too many steps at once.  

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